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Titan TD80 - LoadMaxx - Alberta, Canada

Volume & Weight Management Systems for Mobile Tankers

Mobile Tanker Volume and Weight Gauges - Titan TD80 + Air-Weigh - LoadMaxx

TD80 Volume Measurement + LoadMaxx Axle Group Weights

The integration of accurate volume measurements with actual axle weights, provides a unique safety pump shut-down and alarm settings for both road ban compliance, staying within axle weight and braking limits plus environmental over spill prevention!

TD80 - Radar Pulse Fluid Measurement - Coax Single Pole

Titan - LoadMaxx Tractor

Handles complicated tractor configurations, including lift axles and tags, with OBC integration.

Titan TD80 Fluid gauge - Radar pulse measurement - no moving parts

Titan - LoadMaxx Trailer

Automatically sends weights to the in-cab display when paired with any LoadMaxx tractor scale.

Titan TD80 - Corrosive Fluid Measurement - Visi-ACID

Titan - Finch II

Loading pump control with automatic shut off based on settings for volume measurement (TD80) or weight scale (LoadMaxx).

Titan Finch II and Air Weigh's LoadMaxx

Air-Weigh LoadMaxx Scales with Finch II Control

No need to calculate or guess your trailer weight. Air-Weigh LoadMaxx™ scales accurately measure and display trailer axle group weights right at the loading site. Transforming your equipment into smart, self-weighing trailers to maximize productivity and prevent over-loading.

The Air-Weigh LoadMaxx Scale works on air-ride equipped trailers with single or dual leveling valves. It converts pressure in the air bags into accurate on-the-ground weight. The heavier the load, the more air pressure is required to maintain ride height. Once calibrated, the scale displays the axle group weight to within 300 lbs / 135 kgs of a DOT-certified scale.

How LoadMaxx Works

Titan - LoadMaxx and Cables
LoadMaxx works on tractors with air drive suspensions and most trucks with leaf spring steer axles and air suspension drive axles. Air sensors measure pressure in the air bags, and deflection sensors measure flex for axles with leaf spring suspensions. The scale converts the sensor measurements into accurate on-the-ground weights.

When it is properly calibrated and used, LoadMaxx is accurate to within 300 lbs / 135 kgs on each axle group.

How To Use LoadMaxx

Titan - LoadMaxx - Trailer Scale
In order to get an accurate weight with your on-board scale, park your vehicle on level ground with the engine running and the brakes released. Briefly deflate the air suspension and inflate to ride height. Weights are displayed on the easy-to-read digital display.

Benefits of a TD80 – LoadMaxx Combination

◾ Road Ban Percentages

◾ Ice Road Weight Limits

◾ Gravel Road Safety

◾ Road Restrictions

◾ Prevent Over Loading

◾ Preserve Brakes

◾ Reduce Maintenance

◾ Remove Guesswork

◾ Eliminate Weight Fines

◾ Optimize Delivery Loads

◾ Maximize Your ROI


◾ Prevent Overfill Spills

◾ Prevent Environment Fines

◾ Detect Fluid Leakage

LoadMaxx-Finch II

System Features

  • Volume and Weight Measurement alarms to prevent overfill or overload in a single highly accurate system
  • Eliminate check-weighing and associated loss of time. productivity, and money
  • No moving parts increases accuracy and lifespan
  • Hazardous area approvals ensure operator safety
  • Accurate level indication ensuring proper charge to customers
  • ROI in less than 20 loads
  • Intuitive controls for ease of operation
  • 30,000+ installations in oilfield tankers
  • Shutdown system to prevent overfill or overload, reducing long-term maintenance
  • Overload Warnings from mud or ice build-up road conditions.



  • Calibration:
    • Dual-Point, PIN-protectable.
  • Accuracy:
    • 300 lbs. / 135 kgs for trailer axle group.
  • Language:
    • English and Spanish, or English and French.
  • Units: Pounds or kilograms.
    • User-selectable.
  • Alarm:
    • Warning and overweight alarm outputs.
  • Operating Temperature:
    • -40° to +85°C; -40° to +185°F.
  • Power: 9 to 32 V dc



  • Power: 8-30 V DC
  • Current Consumption: 300mA at 12V DC
  • Relay Ratings:
    • 3.3A Max on any individual relay AND 6.6A Max across all 4 relays
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    • -40°F (-40°C) to + 149°F (+65°C)
  • Communications:
    • TD80™ SVBus
    • RS-232 for communications
  • Hazardous area approvals:
    • CSA Class 1, Div. 2, Groups C & D, T3
  • Enclosure:
    • Flame retardant FRP
  • Optional:
    • 5332 In-Cab Display
    • 4-20mA Output